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The Premiere Boxing Gym in Lake County, Ohio

  • Personal Professional Training
  • No Judgement, No Ego's, No Intimidation
  • Stress Relief
  • Intense Focused Training
  • Builds Self-discipline & Self-confidence
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Technical and Fitness Boxing

Our Mission


Against The Ropes can be more than a boxing gym, in that the gym has become a project to make our community and surrounding communities, a better place for everyone. Coach Ken saw the opportunity that while teaching his students how to box, he could also teach the importance of discipline, build self-esteem, character, how to be respectful, as well as help develop social skills and how to appreciate life. How they can use these skills inside the gym as well as outside in their everyday life.



"I was a member of the original "Against The Ropes" gym and a student of coach Ken Curtis for two years and to say that it impacted my life and such positive ways is an understatement. It is a place that is very welcoming, full of good people. Against the Ropes ends up humbling you, even though it's just (boxing), it teaches you so much more about yourself while getting in a good work out and a good punch when you've had a long day! Coach Curtis works with you whether you never boxed in your life or you're an inexperienced boxer, whether you're young or older. He has supreme talent to push you to bring out the best in yourself and believe in yourself to get through the workouts. He won't give up if you wont give up and that's a sign of a great teacher. I strongly recommend Against The Ropes Boxing Gym for anyone who wants a good workout, to learn a new skill, and challenge yourself."

-- K. Brickman

I have struggled to lose weight for years and tried many different gyms. This is different and amazing! The owner/trainer is very knowledgeable, passionate, and sincerely cares about his members and their goals.
To me, this makes all the difference.
In a little over three months I have lost 43 pounds, and I feel great!
If you would like to lose weight, tone your body, learn to defend yourself and gain confidence, give this a try! .... You have nothing to lose but the weight!

-- C. Ewing

"Great workout and a good group of people."

-- D. Greene Jr.

"I was a member of the original Against The Ropes Boxing Gym and found the boxing to be addictive, the workout hard, the trainer Ken fantastic, best of all the people I trained and sparred with were outstanding. Fast forward to Ken's new gym, it's even better. Awesome atmosphere, great facility and the teammates still top notch. I'm in there every week. Boxing is truly an incredible sport, no matter if you are sparring or just in to get a great workout. Try it."

-- A. Marino

 "Been there before, can't wait to go back again. Great trainer, great crew and great workout!"

-- M. Eldié


  Boxing is the ultimate challenge. There's nothing that can compare to testing yourself the way you do    every time you step in the ring.

- Sugar Ray Leonard