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The Premiere Boxing Gym in Lake County, Ohio

  • Personal Professional Training
  • No Judgement, No Ego's, No Intimidation
  • Stress Relief
  • Intense Focused Training
  • Builds Self-discipline & Self-confidence
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Technical and Fitness Boxing

Stress Reliever

Boxing is one of the best sports for relieving stress. If you’ve had a stressful day or drama with friends, boxing is the place to take it out. Because of the high intensity and full body workout, you can burn massive amounts of calories and tone your entire body without a gym and all their machines. Stress can be caused by both positive and negative interactions in your life. You need a positive outlet to deal with them. Here are some of the great benefits that boxing allows when working to relieve stress.

Physical Benefits of Boxing

• Improves Power, Speed, Endurance, Reaction, Flexibility, Stamina, & Balance
• Tones Muscle in Your Legs, Hips, Back, Shoulders, Arms, & Mid-Section
• Improves Circulation & Stroke Volume  


Mental Benefits of Boxing

Not only does boxing assist with improving physical fitness, it can also assist with developing certain mental attributes, including the development of confidence, determination, patience, and focus. Boxing training brings on certain physical changes to the body. It tones, builds muscle, and changes it's shape without you even realizing.

Many people want to look good, and if you look good, you will feel good as a result, which in return increases confidence.

Determination and focus will be developed from a desire to train harder every time you train. The only person you should be competing with here is yourself. You will want to do more push-ups than last time, throw more punches than the time before, and run longer/quicker than the previous time. Before you know it, you'll be dappling this approach to your every day life.

Patience is something that will occur based on the fact each time you train you will be releasing endorphin's, which gives you a sense of calmness after wards. The more you train, the more patience and tolerance you will apply to your life. This will be beneficial to you in a number of way's outside of training, and will assist your family and work life (in particular family and work based stresses).

How can boxing at Against the Ropes help someone with mental illness or addiction?

 Anyone who may be fighting an illness or an addiction can benefit from the teachings of boxing at Against the Ropes Boxing Gym. This gym will teach you discipline, concentration, respect for others, respect for yourselves, you will build self-confidence and self-esteem. You will feel healthier!! This can motivate you to keep going and keep focusing on your health. It can be a outlet to release energy and/or frustration in a positive way.

 Boxing releases endorphins, which makes people feel good and allows them to release controlled aggression. Boxing helps on concentration, helping to clear the mind of intrusive thoughts while you're focusing on technique.

Addiction: The principles in boxing provide the key to overcoming some of the psychological challenges of addiction. Boxing focuses on discipline, which provides the stubborn will to fight addiction even when the subconscious mind is making it difficult. Applying the principles and continuing to use boxing will help clear the mind of stress, trauma, and other thoughts of emotional cravings that one may subject themselves to. When the mind is free from the cravings, it is easier to avoid the drug in the future.

Boxing is the ultimate challenge. There's nothing that can compare to testing yourself                         the way you do every time you step in the ring.

- Sugar Ray Leonard